Mission, Vision, Values

Mission and Goals of California Placement Association (CPA)


 The mission of the California Placement Association (CPA) is to be a supportive leader in the enrichment and education to placement professionals. CPA assists with the advancement of comprehensive, high quality placement programs throughout California.

CPA promotes collaboration and develops relationships to meet the dynamic recruiting and placement needs of public and private sector businesses and educational institutions, while serving as a liaison with government agencies

CPA Core Values

Integrity ~To consistently uphold the principles of honesty and reliability to all members.

Leadership ~To provide direction and guidance for our members in the placement industry.

Commitment  ~To support professional practices that enhances the quality and excellence of placement services.

Ethics ~To dedicate ourselves to the highest standards of conduct within our industry.

Collaboration ~To coordinate efforts serving the needs of clients and industry professionals.

Accountability ~To be responsible and responsive to our membership and the industry that we serve.

Core Values = Growth for CPA

CPA Vision

Strengthen the linkage between business, education and government.

Enhance the quality and excellence of placement services.

Identify and respond to changing needs, trends, and hiring practices in relationship to the changing demographics of the work force.

Generate new ways of expanding the development of employment opportunities and fulfilling employer/student/ client needs.

Provide professional training to aid business, education and government in assisting students/clients to successfully make a transition to the world of work

  • California Placement Association, a non profit organization established in 1969.