Who usually attends CPA Conferences?

We typically include comprehensive training for Professionals in these Areas: Employment Services, Job Development, Career Services, Disability Services, Human Resources, College Job Placement, Recruitment & Employment Managers.

What kind of content can I expect to hear at CPA Conference?

Job Development/Placement Basics, Job Search Technology, Barriers to Employment, Workforce Development, Resume Writing, Interviewing Techniques, Disabilities, Veteran information, WIOA Changes, Job Placement Center Best Practices, Employer Panel & more!

Why should I attend a CPA Conference?

CPA Conferences are different from other conferences in a variety of ways…we keep it fun, we keep it real, and we always give attendees real tools, techniques, and tips to use immediately in your work helping job-seekers prepare for and secure employment!

If you haven’t attended a CPA Conference before, give us a try! You don’t know what you’re missing.